The High Life

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For those who might know, I have money, and I dam sure like to use it. Whether its buying random items, shopping with a purpose or spending for a party. Some of you may think that I go a bit over the top sometimes (i.e. formal) or really just buy things I dont really need. You may see it as a waste but I sure as hell dont.

So buying random items, usually very expensive ones is kind of what I’m known for. I have expensive tastes in accessories and chocolate. Buying expensive accessories is kind of what I like to do, although I dont do it often. This new hobby was only discovered this year, and I can say that I have done it only 3 times. And those close to me will know that its my own money which I use. My friends who are reading this can probably name two off the top of their heads – a Gucci wallet ($350) and an Armani watch ($340). One less known thing that I have purchased albeit through claiming health insurance is my pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses ($350). Now as for my taste in chocolate, I will usually eat any chocolate, although I have the acquired taste of $95 a kilo chocolate from David Jones. If you disagree with the way I like to spend the money, I only have one thing to say – its mine not yours.

Shopping with a purpose, is something that I usually do a few times during the holidays. Now I like to collect television box sets, each worth at $40 a season. And some of you may have noticed the size of my TV on DVD collection, and would probably think that I have invested a lot in it – but its all worth it. Now the other thing I usually shop for with a purpose is cookware. Basically if you can shove it in an oven, or use it to fry something then I would buy it. Many people would see this as unneccessary, as you should only buy what you need. However I would like to point out I am merely being prepared. So you can take your thoughts and shove it up your ass.

Now splurging for a party is fun. I was telling my friends the net worth of stuff, I would be wearing or carrying on Formal night and someone pointed out to me that it was 4 digits. Although half the stuff, was not for formal only, and would be used during other occassions. Here is a breakdown of what I spent for formal specific stuff: Suit – $400, Shoes – $120, Shirt – $50. And then there’s the accessories: Wallet – $350, Watch – $340, and sunglasses – $350. So that comes to a grand total of $1610.

So I like living the high life, do you? And before you say anything think about how you would spend your money if you had any.


Capital Punishment – I’m All For It.

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Having to watch the state finals for this years debating competition today, it made me realise that the death penalty is actually not a bad idea – no wonder the US supports it. It cuts down on costs, and saves the world from some really sick people today.

Cutting down on costs – isn’t that what we are all about today? With the global economy going into recession shouldn’t we be conserving money. Instead of providing prisons for people it would be much more cost effective to just sentence everyone to death. Sure we still have to maintain some prisons for those who committed tiny crimes and were too dumb to get away with it – but those who commit serious crimes should be shot on the spot. Maintaing prisons, hiring prison guards, and not to mention the energy required to run a prison costs society too much. Imagine if we cut backon the number of prisons, the income tax rate would drop severely. If we executed people it would be a lot faster and less people to care for in our prisons saving us millions even billions. In the long term the death penalty is just so much more economical.

The death penalty rids the world of sick people like rapists and paedophiles. These sick people who are too lame to “get some” using their brain, have to target the weak and helpless and get their jollies somehow. I may be a cold hearted superficial cynical SOB but raping people and touching little children is just low even for me. The death penalty will ensure that these bastards and the occasional bitch wont ever stoop so low again. So anyone else agree these people should just be shot on the spot?

Some may argue that the death penalty is inhumane and immoral. Well me being me both those things go out the window. If it was up to me the death penalty would be slow and torturous inflicting as much pain as possible before the person dies. However since the government wants to play nice, so they stay in power they have to opt for the more humane option – although some say taking another persons life in inhumane altogether. Lethal injection and hanging(if its done properly) is pretty humane. Dying with the pain of a needle, and a broken neck is pretty much instantaneous. However if some idiot hangs a person and doesnt do it properly they would probably die of suffocation before their neck is snapped. Firing squads can be quite humane as well – i mean a simple bullet to the brain will kill someone instantaneously.

Personally two of my favourites which are sanctioned by governments are stoning and the electric chair. There is nothing better to watch someone die slowly. Throwing stones at someone until they bleed to death ought to be quite fun to watch and even participate in. The electric chair is probably one of the most prized inventions ever. Watching someone being fried to death is awesome. Slowly their blood boils until they die.

Now one argument that was brought up during the debate was that it is not right to “murder” someone even if they had. However I would like to point out that it technically is not murder if it is a government sanctioned action. So legally you could get away with it.

So as you can gather I am definitely in support of the death penalty. However for those who deem it is inhumane- go tell someone who cared and please make sure you know what you are talking about.

Mandy – “I eat people”

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Mandy, one of the most random people I know, and boy I do know a lot of random people. Mandy however, tops everyone in this category, as sometimes she wishes for the most random things. On the other hand she does possess some normal characteristics. Her random desires include wanting to become a guy and a hobo. One normal characteristic is that Mandy perhaps has an unrivalled desire for chocolate which sometimes even beats Susan’s or mine.

For starters, Mandy’s desire to become a guy can be seen as random. I have never met a girl who has shown such a desire to become a guy or as I like to put it grow a pair of balls) (even Alexis, although one can argue she already has a pair). Mandy as her part in Susan’s family is the only son. No thoughts required as to why she chose this role. The only reason that I can think of Mandy wanting to become a guy is to escape the pains of PMS when that time of month comes around. Although I haven’t seen the adverse affects of PMS on Mandy, she says that she’d rather be a dude than go through all that for the next 30-40 yrs of her life. According to her comment on Susan’s blog during PMS she suffers from: irritability, nervous tension, anxiety, mood swings, lower coping ability, depression, aggression, difficulty concentrating, feeling unloved, wanting to be alone, reduced interest in work and social life – and that’s just the emotional stuff. Mandy’s physical symptoms include: bloating around the abdomen, headaches, tiredness, laziness, insomnia, food cravings, aches and pains, poor coordination, short intense energy boosts. After reading all this, I can kind of see why Mandy so drastically wants to become a guy. If she were given the chance would she really, and what would it mean for Matt (not that I care about him)? Mandy, would you really go under the knife, just to get a pair of balls. You might want to try attaching a hot dog and a pair of ping pong balls to that region for a test drive first.

Next, Mandy wants to become a hobo. She is currently living an alright life. While it may not be like those born with a silver spoon in their mouths, from all observations she is satisfied with her current situation. If Mandy did become a hobo, what would she look like, and what would she be pushing around in her trolley full of bags of random stuff. Just a thought, I haven’t seen any female hobos around – not even when I walk around the city where the place is crawling with hobos. Another thought Mandy: how would you satisfy your food cravings if you were a hobo? Think about all the food you would be missing Mandy: chocolate, sugar, cookies, cake etc. Out of all of Mandy’s random thoughts, this is perhaps the one which is most random of all.

Like all normal people Mandy has an extreme craving for food most of them time. However these cravings are only limited to foods with high sugar content, although her appetite for bread was only discovered yesterday by me during our food tech lesson. Some people may see these extreme cravings as a weakness for Mandy. Like I often like to point out, all you need to do if you wrong Mandy is to wave a block of chocolate in her face although she argues that she won’t always succumb to this. I’ve witnessed this when I offered her chocolate the other day to walk down closer to watch the teachers vs year 12 game, and she said: “i’ve already had too much chocolate.” I was shocked at this comment for two reasons. First, you can never have too much chocolate and second it was Mandy saying this. One bizarre incident I saw during food tech was when she was so out of it and extremely tired, when the fruity boat slice popped out of the oven, the scent of sugar, instantly brought her back. So basically to get back on Mandy’s good side all you need to do is wave something high in sugar in front of her.

One last thing, while this isn’t Mandy specific, I find it extremely amusing when short people try and give me the death stare. Sometimes I may crack a joke targeting Mandy, and she gives me this stare, which just cracks me up, especially if we are both standing up, although that has never happened. There was this one incident where William was trying to give me the death stare, and I just cracked up.

So Mandy, perhaps the most random person I know. Just to finish off with a quote from Mandy which demonstrates her randomness: “I want a sex change.”

The “Honest” Truth

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Would you ever lie to someone? Well, the simple answer for me is yes, as a matter of fact, I do it all the time. Nobody, really knows the truth about whats going on inside my head except for me. Some people cant deal with the consequences of lying, or feel too much shame. However, in some cases isnt it better to lie to those closest to you than hurt them with the truth.

Hypothetically, if you walked into a store and stole a rather expensive item, how would you explain to those closest to you how you came into possession of it? You could either, tell the truth, which is you stole it, or you could simply lie to them. There are so many ways to manoeuvre your way of that little situation. You can say, you found it (doesnt work often) or you can simply say a friend gave it to you as a present. The latter is perhaps the easiest way to deceive a person, although if they know your friends, you better beware. I think that in this situation even, those closest to you, especially your parents would choose to hear the lie rather than the truth. Parents always want to make it seem like their child is the perfect little angel who never does anything wrong, and as soon as they do, it will tear the family apart.

You dont necessarily, have to lie to get out of trouble. This option will probably workl best for those who can easily manipulate the English language, and those who are imaginative but not too out there. You can choose to tell the truth, but you dont need to tell them everything. For example, if someone gave you $20 to donate to a charity, you could say donate $10 and keep the other $10. This way, when someone asks, you can tell the truth and say you the money to charity, although it may not have been all of it. You are simply choosing to tell the truth but at the same time not the whole truth.

For those who feel ashamed and guilty after they lie, I can only offer two pieces of advice – grow some balls, and keep lying. If you keep lying, you will eventually get used to it, and it will become a useful skill such as learning to write. The more you practice, the more refined your skill will be. No one ever made it to the top by telling the truth 100% of the time. To get to the top, you either screw your way there, or lie and backstab your way up the ladder. Once your on top remember to kick the ladder away.

How would you choose to protect your family? Would you tell them the truth, or would you tell a little lie? In the interest of self preservation, I suggest that you lie. Lying has always worked wonders for me, so maybe it can do the same for you.

Test Tube Babies

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With increasing technology today, we can pretty much do almost anything when it comes to childbirth and fertilisation. With the IVF technology, it is possible to choose which sperm you want to fertilise your egg. These days, you can choose the sex of your child and its only a matter of time before we could choose every characteristic of your child.

IVF, is when an egg is extracted from the body, and is fertilised with a sperm. All this occurs in labs outside of the human body. With our expanding knowledge of genetics and fertilisation, it will eventually be possible  to choose the exact baby we want. So do you want a perfection, or do you prefer to do it the old fashion way? A perfect baby, free from genetic disorders but they will still be susceptible to other diseases and problems which may occur after fertilisation. Would you rather care for a child that is sick all the time or give birth to a child that is free from problems?

Although this next part may be unethical, I still think it is a dam good idea. When the day comes that we can choose every characteristic of a baby, maybe we should just create tet tube babies with O blood. Since these people have blood which is desired, we could mass breed them and then mine them for their blood. This way, there wont be a shortage of O blood for those people, and when in need other blood groups can use their blood two. Of course, these babies will be nurtured and cared for, but these babies are in the end just walking DNA factories. Think about it, the first person to do this can make so much profit?

When this day comes, who wants to join me in profiting from the perfect test tube babies, in the most unethical way possible?

Homophobia or Prejudice?

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Ever seen a same sex couple walking down the street holding hands or making out? What was you reaction? Homophobia, is the irrational fear of homosexual people. If you dont know what homosexuality is, then there is something wrong with you. Honestly, are you homophobic or just prejudiced.

If you see a pair of guys making out and groping each other in public, do you turn around and act disgusted, or do you do your best not to stare? Its not everyday that you see homosexual people showing signs of affection in public. However, are you truly homophobic or are you just prejudiced. This may apply to guys more than girls, as more guys tend to display their hatred of homosexuality publicly, while girls love to have gay best friends or hairdressers. Guys, do you honesty believe, that a gay couple disgusts you, or are you just prejudiced? If you saw lesbians making out what would your reaction be? A sudden rush of blood to the lower part of your body or would you be as equally disgusted if it was a pair of guys? If you dont mind lesbians, but you hate homosexual men, then you are simply prejudiced.

Some people may not be homophobic nor prejudiced towards the gay community, but still cringe at the sight of them making out. This fact is simple to explain. Some people just dont like to see others make out in public. The line has to be drawn somewhere for heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. Some people take it too far, and make out with their partner, without even coming up for air, then their hands start wandering to the lower parts of their significant other’s body.

The thing that bugs me the most is that most Asians see homosexuality as an illness almost as if it was the plague. Yet Asians make up a significant part of the homosexual community. Homosexuality, is simply the preference of the same sex over the opposite sex. A wise person once told me that they believe everyone is actually bisexual, but prefer one sex over the other, no matter how big or small that preference may be. If your best friend told you they were a homosexual, would you still stand by them, or would you walk away? I believe, even if you are homophobic or prejudiced, you should still be there for your best friend, as this is when they are the most vulnerable. Their world falling apart and no one is there to help them along.

Homophobic or prejudiced, you need to consider why you feel that way. Dont just blatantly yell out “shoot the gays” in order to conform to everybody else. Remember, that those people who choose to tell you they are homosexual, trusted you enough to stand by them, and if you walked away then you werent really a best friend to begin with. Remember this: What if you were gay?

Jealous Much?

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Jealousy – mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry or unfaithfulness.

Jealousy, a feeling that has been around ever since man roamed the earth. Jealousy can apply to many things, but the ones I find where jealousy prevails is in love and wealth and success.

Jealousy in love, is a major cause of break ups. Many partners fear that their partner may not be completely faithful to them and this leads to envy. The usual root for jealousy is either that one person feels that their partner is unfaithful, or that they may see someone as a rival and threat to their relationship. So if you see your partner hugging, someone else infront of you, is that a sign of deceit? Cant people just hug other people and count on their partner having more faith in them and not jump to any conclusions? Sure, your partner may spend a significant amount of time with maybe one person, but that surely isnt reason enough to be jealous. The problems, is we live in a world, where everyone competes with each other. In reality, everyone will eventually become your rival, whether its in love, at work or even school. Asking someone else what they got for their test is a sign of rivalry although it may be more subtle then others. Before voicing your concern to your partner about them possibly being unfaithful, consider all the facts.

Another problem is that guys and girls alike have issues in relationships. When guys think that their girlfriend is cheating on them but dont say anything, they then say that you dont care enough. On the other hand, if guys voice their concern, some girls say that they care too much. So what is the right way to go about in voicing your concerns? Guys, if you see your girlfriend hanging out with other guys, dont automatically assume that they are flirting or cheating on you. Take into consideration all the facts – a big one is if they already have a partner. The other reason that your girlfriend might choose to hang around other guys, is that they dont want to seem clingy. They dont know how you would feel if they spent every waking moment with you. One other thing – you dont own your girlfriend, they have the right to do whatever the hell they want in their own time, and if they dont spend it with you, it doesnt mean they are cheating on you.

Jealousy is also an ugly monster that pops out in the workplace. When several candidates are up for promotion, dont see them as rivals. What if one of those candidates was your best friend? You shouldnt hold a grudge against them, if they rise higher than you, you should be thrilled for them. They may think that you dont like them anymore simply, because they took something of yours. They need your support and to know that there are no hard feelings between you. You can also take the chance to learn what you are doing wrong, and why you didnt get that bonus, or promotion and try harder next time. Remember whatever doenst kill you, only makes you stronger?

So, jealousy is an ugly monster that lives within all of us. Some cant control this beast while others have control over theirs. So next time you see your partner spending time with another person dont automatically assume they are no longer interested in you. Love is a complicated thing  and different people have different needs and wants (that didnt come from me). So dont be a jealous prick.